Brianna & Robbie

Brianna and Robbie's wedding was nothing short of exquisite. 

I flew in early in the day and was able to join the Groom's family for breakfast. 
(To give you the inside scoop, I grew up in Georgia, right next to the Sorenson family, and our families were best friends. A few months ago, Robbie ended up showing Brianna my photo work, and I was hired!) It was a joy to catch up with the Sorenson's before the craziness of the day took off. 

Next, I headed to the salon to meet Brianna and get to know all of the bridesmaids!
I instantly fell in love with Brianna's personality and felt very comfortable around her. 
It was fun to enjoy cake and coffee while laughing with everyone as they made their preparations. 

Finally, it was time for the venue. Brianna and Robbie's wedding began later that day, and it was spectacular. The courtyard was gorgeous, the ceremony was flawless, and the golden sunset was only the cherry on top. After Rob and Brianna were married, the party proceeded indoors to the glorious ballroom, where delicious smoked dishes and hearty eating ensued. 

Robbie told me his biggest worry was the first dance, and even that went perfectly. Not one thing seemed to go wrong. The toasts were heartfelt and beautiful, the socializing was pleasant, and everyone was well entertained. 

All in all, a beautiful wedding in celebration of two beautiful people. 

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