Welcome to
the Portland Workshop!


Workshop Agenda

  • Introductions!
  • Instagram/website critique & compliments
  • Shooting with Sonora
    15 minutes each - individual time with model
Business Segment
  • Register your business!
    File as a sole proprietor.
  • PPA 
    Equipment insurance & General liability insurance.
  • MailChimp 
    Client retention, newsletters, engaging your audience.
  • Pixieset 
    Example gallery here.
  • Photography contracts.
    Example contract here.
  • Business cards!
  • Back up photos in 2 places!
    Cloud services, hard drives, etc.
  • SquareSpace and website tips.
  • Taxes. Keep track of all income and keep expense records of everything. 
    -1/3rd of apartment space for studio
    -miles driven
    -equipment, insurance, website fees, etc.
Partner Portraits & Water/bathroom break
  • Partner up, photograph each other for 5-10 minutes each.
  • Take a break
Social Media
  • Run your socials, don't let your socials run you.
  • Personal touch online.
  • Consistency, post smart not hard. Quality over quantity. 
  • Generate clicks. Bring your audience to YOUR platform. 
  • MailChimp, giveaways, engagement.
  • Lightroom overview. 
    Import shoots together, sort through and make selections.
  • Levels. Clear white and clear black. 
    Curves add "style".
  • Reigning in the greens.
  • Oranges, reds, and skin tone.
  • Clarity brush, soften skin brush.
  • Avoid distractions in background while shooting and edit things out in post process to draw attention to your subject. 
  • Photoshop overview.
    More in-depth edits.
  • Healing brush vs clone.
  • Frequency separation Photoshop Action. Download here.
  • Dodge and burn, soft light 50% grey layer.