Nikita & Nabyl

Okay, I just have to say it. 

Nikki and Nabyl are goals.

This was the easiest shoot in the entire world. These two live in a gorgeous apartment on top of a giant hill, and they have the top floor so it overlooks an enormous view of the hills. You can even see Mt. Hood in the far distance, if you look out past thousands and thousands of green treetops. 

Their daughter Katara (yes, you heard me. and yes, you guessed it, she is named after THE Katara, from Avatar The Last Airbender) is the cutest little nugget I ever did see. You'll be sure to see her make her appearance as you scroll through this in home session. 

We spent the afternoon listening to Drake and shooting, while Katara danced and made a mess in her parent's room. Nabyl and Nikki cuddled and laughed and had a great time being natural for the camera. These two didn't require any direction. The best part of the shoot was when Nikki said "It's so funny, I haven't even seen Nabyl all day so this is easy".