Making Moves

Hi! It’s been a little bit.


So I moved into a new apartment!

Ever since moving to Portland 4 years ago, I dreamed of living downtown.
Well, for the first 3 years I lived out in the suburbs and ignored the 30 minute drive & just called it Portland.
Fast forward through a lot of scraping by, learning how to charge clients properly to cover taxes, and navigating the world without health insurance, etc. and finally last year I moved downtown with a roommate to split a 2 BR apartment, where I got my first taste of the city.

I fell in love! Walking everywhere, being around so many people and parks and restaurants, and so much more. I’ve been saving and working extra hard after that, and decided to move into my own studio! I’ve been here for one month and I finally feel decently settled in. The view is gorgeous and I’m so happy with my new space.

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Being an adult is weird…

Do you ever feel this way? At times I still feel like I’m 17, but I’m turning 25 this year!
A quarter of a century is quite a bit of time. I still have no idea what’s going on, but that’s ok.

This phase of life consists of a lot of W-O-R-K.
I am employed as the social strategist at Yomassage, a super rad massage school, and I’m shooting weddings every other weekend!
I’ve ramped up my usual 20-30 hour work week to a 40-55 hour work week, and I’m finding that the business is actually keeping me a lot more goal driven, productive, and happy.

HOWEVER. I will share a warning. I’ve noticed that the more I work (for me this implies a lot of time sitting and editing, blogging, marketing, etc.), the more out of touch I find myself as far as my connection to my body goes. I’ve noticed that posture is a direct reflection of how often I am present in my body.

My remedy for this issue has been yoga.


I’ve been working on dedicating myself more and more to daily practice, because I’ve watched the innumerable benefits of yoga take place in my life as I’ve been consistent. I’ve fixed my lower back pain, corrected a lot of bad posture that arose from sitting to edit and having my camera around my neck for years, and gained more control of my muscles and mind. While the physical benefits are wonderful, even more amazing are the ways that yoga helps you to stay present during bouts of anxiety. Instead of relying on cigarettes, drinking, or distractions, I can get on the mat, or outside in the sunshine and stretch. If anyone in Portland has been interested in going to yoga but is too nervous to go, send me a message! If you’re not in Portland, try getting started on YouTube, there are a lot of really nice yogi’s who do tutorials for beginners. I got started a year and a half ago with Adriene. Since then, I’ve explored the Ashtanga method, but more on that another time.

Anyways. I’m pretty much rambling but

I like to check in once in a while. If you’re reading this, thanks for hanging out! I’m really excited for the new pace of life that I’ve created for myself and have a lot of new work to share. I’m going to be in an incredible art show with my favorite Portland painter Cindy Lemmon in October and November!! I’ll share a little more about that when I have some more work created. If you can make it, come to our opening night! I’ll announce dates and information soon.

Until next time!
xoxo, Davis.