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Hey friends!

I have some exciting news.

This month, I’ve been working alongside with Blurb in order to publish a photo book!
For my project, I decided to feature a handful of LGBTQ individuals by creating an editorial series of each person to share some of their insight! I think it is important that queer individuals are given a voice and a platform where they can represent themselves and spread more awareness and visibility.


This project was a fantastic experience.

It was so fun to work with (and learn from) so many beautiful queer individuals for this project.
My favorite part of the process was getting to know each person a little better, and seeing them get comfortable in front of the lens. I think that queer individuals face a lot of hardships growing up, and so it is always extremely positive to see my queer peers show confidence in who they are.


The insight that these individuals share is priceless.

Each of these wonderful people stands up firmly for what they believe in, and share their advice with you along with their 4 selected images. Thank you so much Brendan, Joni, Jade, Ky, Lily, Kate, Sterling, and Marcus!


Blurb made the job very easy!

If you do photography, or need to self publish any of your own artwork or writing, I highly recommend Blurb’s services.

Blurb is an independent, creative book-making platform where you can self-publish your work. You can choose from a variety of free and easy to use templates, so it’s easy to get creative and have fun! Even if you don’t have an artistic project in mind, and simply want to create a family album, this service would be perfect for you!
For this book, I chose to use the small square 7x7 layout and Premium Lustre 100# paper. This is my second book I have published with them, and again I had a really fun time designing my own book and customizing the pages. When the book arrived, I was really satisfied with the quality of the printing and the way everything looked.

Here are some links to their services!
Blurb main page

Blurb photo books page

What kind of project would you turn into a book of your own?


Pick up a copy of the book!

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