Summer in Portland


hey friends!

wanna know something shitty? i've been smoking cigarettes for a year. i started when I turned 23 and now it's my birthday month again. so i'm having a crackdown of sorts. let's be clear, i never saw myself as a smoker. but i also never saw myself escaping a damaging religion, moving away from home to be safe expressing my gender identity and sexuality, beginning a relationship with another man, falling deeply in love for 3 years, and then going through a very rough breakup. so in the end, cigarettes ended up being a crutch that helped me feel some form of escape.

it be like that sometimes. 

i've had some major struggles this year but i have also learned SO MUCH. 
the biggest things i have learned are about myself. i've learned, above all, that listening to myself is the most important priority. my spirit, body, and mind are all functioning on their own but with intention i can become in tune with each facet of myself and find presence.

i'm working on quitting cigarettes right now and it's actually going very well! i replaced them with gum, and any time the urge to smoke gets really strong i've started a new hobby where i go on a photo walk! it's been so fun to document the city around me.

i've made it a goal to transfer all of my extra time into productivity and focus much more intentionally on my goals. very slowly, step by step, i think i am getting somewhere! 

well. here we are! wish me luck and enjoy some pics :)